OVERVIEW: Kickstart Weekly is an extremely focused, brief weekly email providing urgent and/or important updates regarding Asana and team project management and productivity. The subscribers are decision-makers, team leads, VPs, and executives. Across the board, our members are the people who manage the tech and training budgets and team strategy surrounding team project management and productivity tech.

WHAT TO EXPECT: All partners and sponsors will be vetted to make sure your product or service fits our audience.

✅ If it does, we'll send you a link to pay your invoice and activate your sponsorship or to prepare your partner content.

❌ If it doesn't fit, we'll let you know via email and you won't receive an invoice.

👉 PARTNER NOTES: We'll be working directly with partners to provide feedback on your content and to make sure it is messaged properly. We only accept partners we can confidently recommend. This helps you get maximum value and exposure from your investment and helps us offer our subscribers top quality products and services that they can trust.

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We provide carefully vetted opportunities for ONE sponsor and ONE recommended partner per weekly issue of the newsletter. Because our mission is to provide a hyper-focused executive summary of project management and productivity tech for team leads and executives, we are very selective about our sponsors.

Here's a brief outline of what we can mutually expect:

(1) Sponsorships in Kickstart Weekly should be focused on products and/or services intended to help team leads and executives with project management and team productivity.

(2) The cost of the single-issue sponsorship includes a link, a short 2-3 sentence description, and an optional approved screenshot or image.

(3) After you submit an inquiry, we'll get back to you within three business days with a decision and to confirm your date of sponsorship and invoice.

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